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death: nde---near-death-experience: after-death-communications

Can the dead speak to us? afterlife comunication

I can answer this personally with a resounding YES. Let me start this article off with my own stories. First off, I do not consider these "ghost stories" because they do not fit that category entirely, at least not in the traditional sense.

The Story of Hi-Jack The Fisherman

HiJack Was a Fisherman by tradeDuring a time when I was young I was a commercial snapper fisherman. I was unskilled, and very young, so the only boats I could get a job with were the older more dangerous boats. As snapper fishermen we would go out for about a month at a time in the gulf of mexico. I met a man that was also a fisherman, and he was very infatuated with my mother who tended a fisherman's bar near the marina.

His name was Jack, a hard core alcoholic and very jovial in nature. He was the kind of person who was always laughing, even when drunk (more so even). He was a gentle man and easy to get along with. We called him "hi-Jack" because whenever I saw him and said "Hi Jack" he would respond with a "High jack who?" in a loud humorous fashion. He loved my mother very much, though she had little to do with him.

We heard a rumor that Jack had died, he had fallen overboard while out at sea. We did not confirm it at the time, since we really were not very close to him, just an acquaintance. One night he came into a bar that I was in, it was only me and the barmaid (not my mom) since it was late and the bar was about to close. I was opening the door about to leave, when there he was in the doorway! What a surprise! I said "Jack I thought you were dead". He told me not to believe everything I hear, but he did NOT come right out and deny it either.

He was different, he had a more intelligent, deeper look in his eyes,and he held himself better, more confident, but not arrogant. I offered him a beer, which he took, but he never took a drink of it. Unusual since he was an alcoholic, even more unusual was the fact that he was sober late at night!

We sat at the bar, and he asked me how I was, but mostly he talked about my mother. He was very much in love with her and felt it important that I know that. He got up and left, walked down the street to the other bar, and that was the last time I saw him.

My mother had a similar experience, he walked into her bar (there were people there, not empty like the bar I was in), sat with her and had a long talk with her. After saying his "I have always loved you" speech, he took off heading for the marina.

The After Death Communcation:

The next day my mother and I talked about this, and agreed that it was very odd. I later went to the fish house and asked about him, and sure enough he really had died! I later talked to Donna, the barmaid where I spoke to him, and she says he never was there and that I was sleeping at the end of the bar while she was preparing to close, and that no one sat with me...

The people that were in my mother's bar told my mother that during that time she was also alone, and had her head down at the bar, like she was resting or sleeping...

Could we both have had the same dream? Was it all in our minds? I don't think so, to me this profoundly convinced me that we do survive death, and that the dead can communicate.

My Dog Wolf wolf

Later on I migrated back to the north where my father lived (my parents were divorced). We had a dog that I grew up with named "wolf". I went to feed and water him, he lived outside chained to a tree, and there was something profoundly different about him. You see, wolf was a happy dog, puppy like his whole life, tongue hanging out, jumping around, etc. But this time he was very different. He look regal, almost majestic and proud, and a look of intelligence was in his eyes, a look I have never seen in him before. He laid his head in my lap and looked up at me, a feeling of love and togetherness washed over me from him, a feeling that made me concerned that he may be sick or something. It was almost like he was saying goodbye.

The next day while outside near the area where we kept him chained, I could smell something bad, like a dead animal. Investigating, I discovered wolf's body around the other side of the tree he was chained to, in a hole he dug (he liked to dig), but out of view from where I was the day before when I was visiting with him. His body was decomposed badly. The eyes were even gone. My dad had been on a drunk before I arrived and had neglected him to death. But I saw him the day before... How? His body was too decomposed to have happened overnight...

The After Death Communcation:

It hit me. It was my dog's spirit, he was saying goodbye. This re-affirmed my belief in the afterlife, and also showed me that animals have spirit too, not just people like some religions would have you believe. This simple, sweet animal also had the ability to communicate after he died.

My Grandmother's Funeral

I did not attend my grandmother's funeral(This is many years later) My Grandmother on my father's side suffered for many years with alzheimer's disease. I was close to her, and loved her when I was a child, but did not stay in touch with her over the years. She passed away and I was over a thousand miles away and could not attend her funeral. Several years later, my father began to die from liver failure. Times were better then, so I was able to afford to come stay with him in his final days.

After my father died, the night before the funeral I had a vivid dream. It was set in a cemetery near an open grave site, with flowers and a picnic table type bench with a covered awning over it. On the bench sat my Grandmother, with my cousin Randy. She was of very clear mind, but had a serious, almost sad look about her, much different then when she was alive. Randy being there was puzzling because I was not close to Randy and seldom thought about him (so why would he be in the dream?). My grandmother was saying goodbye to us, and wished us well.

The After Death Communcation:

Later, when we buried my father (near my grandmother, same cemetery) I was surprised to see that the cemetery, which I never saw before in my life, looked identical to the one in the dream! Also the setting, with the picnic table bench and awning were the same as well! But the real kicker was when I talked to Randy and mentioned the dream, he had a similar one AND it turns out that Randy and I were the only relatives that did NOT attend her funeral!

I have had other spiritual encounters in my life, but the above three convinced me beyond any shadow of a doubt that we do survive death, and that we can indeed communicate after we are gone.

After Life Communication Rules

All these stories share a common thread. There appear to be rules to communicating with the living, rules that are strictly adhered to. I have confirmed this by examining other people's ghost stories, people that I know and trust. These are the rules:

1. You are not allowed to scare anyone. If your appearance is going to frighten that person, then visiting them is not allowed. This is why most afterlife communication is done through dreams, its easy to dismiss something as a dream, therefore you are not frightened. In both Hi-jack and Wolf's cases above, I did not really "know" they were dead at the time of the visit, so there was no need to be scared.

2. You cannot reveal what goes on after death. Never have I encountered a ghost or ghost story (that I felt was genuine) where the spirit said anything at all about the afterlife.

3. You are not allowed to talk about material things. Again, never have I had or heard of a real experience where the loved one spoke about money, houses, cars or any other thing material.

These three rules I feel apply to true communications with the other side, Be wary of any communication that does not follow these rules.

Thank you for letting me share my most intimate spirit communication stories (I hate calling them ghost stories) with you. And thank you for visiting SpiritAndSky, the internet's spiritual knowledge repository!

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Home: death: nde---near-death-experience: after-death-communications

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